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Welcome to TeachersFitClub - Dedicated to no teacher left behind! As an Independent Team Beachbody® Coach, I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Please look around, and if you have any questions, click the "Contact me" button.

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Are you a teacher who wants to start a fitness team in your school? Does earning some extra income while promoting your co-workers to be healthy sound like a good idea?
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QUOTES - Team BeachBody Customers

Kim B., Female, Age 30 *NEW*

"With the Challenge Group on Facebook, I was held accountable and it made me look honestly at what I was eating everyday and if I was exercising. It was positive support and a neutral place to vent, to celebrate victories and mini goals, and to be educated on all great things about exercising and diet and how Team Beachbody helps people fulfill things that they never thought possible."

Jarret M., Male *NEW*

"Accountability is key along with motivation. I knew the other people in my group were pushing it so I knew that I couldn't stop or even skip a day because those guys were going to push me. It was an experience that I can’t wait to do again. I also grew friendly relationships with some of the guys and now have friends with common interest all because of the challenge groups."

Clarissa F., Female, Age 25 *NEW*

"[My coaches] really took the time to stick with me and the other girls in our group to make sure we were holding ourselves accountable. It really felt like we were taking this journey together even though I was miles away from everyone…I’m forever indebted to [my coaches] for helping me to get past myself; because I was really the only thing holding me back from being who I wanted to be and getting where I wanted to go.”

Carolina L., Female, Age 24 *NEW*

"I found my coach at a time where I really needed some motivation. I knew that I had the strength to push forward, but I needed extra support. The fitness group gave me an outlet where I could express my struggles, triumphs, and communicate with people who understood what I was going through. I will never be able to thank [my coach] enough for the impact that she has had on my life. She always knew that I had it in me, even at times when I didn’t….I know that with all of my heart, no matter what I am going through, that she will always be there for me. This program has rejuvenated me, body and soul.” – mother of 2 who lost 40lbs and is no longer on high blood pressure medication thanks to Shakeology and her Challenge group

Danielle H., Female, Age 25 *NEW*

"My Challenge Group was the backbone of my success. I knew I was not doing this just for me anymore, but to make others proud, as well, and to show them that they can do it, too. How could I expect other Challengers to do what was asked if I didn’t do it? The days when I felt like just laying in bed I knew I had to get up and push PLAY because they all were and they needed me just as much as I needed them. Everyday there were new messages in the group with supportive quotes, new recipes, or just an explanation of their days. They held me accountable by requiring constant contact and information of how my progress was going and I knew I couldn’t let them down.”

Casey O., Male

"People in the group were continuously sharing stories and keeping each other up to date every day. Talked to them over the phone and texting asking how day was. Definitely made legitimate friends thru the group.”

Andrew C., Male, Age 18-29

"I truly feel like I have the best Coach in all of Team Beachbody! He is extremely motivating and he lives exactly what he preaches. He was there pushing me through the majority of my transformation and answering any and all questions I had a long the way! He is truly a great coach and even better person!”

Madelyn A., Female, Age 31

"I don’t think this would have been possible without my coach and my group. Every day I made myself post in the group. My coach would encourage us all. Everyone would celebrate our successes and we would sympathize and encourage each other when we had a setback…[my coach] makes herself available all day, everyday. I can cry with her, I can laugh with her, I can call her while I’m in the middle of a weak moment and she will talk me through it. If I’m having a bad day or week, she will say just the right thing to get me back on track.”

Kim S., Female, Age 30-39

"Facebook accountability group was my biggest key to success. Accountability partner. Would have given up without her friends. Felt great knowing that on a down day she had a network of support on Facebook. I really do feel like it’s changed me. Changing a lifetime of habits” 

Brian O., Male

"Having the group really helps you keep focused. I had a high stress, busy, long-hour job running a concert arena – having focus really helped. There was also the "coach” factor – I didn’t want to let down my coach…knowing that someone was checking in and counting on you.”

Heather V., Female

"Connected with other people that had the same issues – mindless eating, binge eating. Great to be able to reach out to them. A lot of her friends don’t exercise, so having that group really helped pushed her out of comfort zone.” – Recovering addict who replaced her addiction with food

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