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Welcome to TeachersFitClub - Dedicated to no teacher left behind! As an Independent Team Beachbody® Coach, I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Please look around, and if you have any questions, click the "Contact me" button.

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Attention Teachers!

Are you a teacher who wants to start a fitness team in your school? Does earning some extra income while promoting your co-workers to be healthy sound like a good idea?
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Help your kids get fit!

Shaun T’s got a new workout FOR KIDS ONLY! Get down and get fit with Shaun T's Fit Kids Club workouts for kids ages 7 and up! It's all about sweat, strength, and FUN with mad awesome dance moves that keep you healthy and energized! It doesn't matter what your size or shape is—or even if you can't dance. Shaun T will teach you cool, new steps with rad music so you'll be rockin' out in no time! These workouts are so much fun, you won't even feel like they're exercise!

With a childhood obesity crisis sweeping the nation, choreographer to the stars Shaun T wanted to create a program that would get kids off the couch and on their feet. The most important thing was that these workouts had to be fun! And that's how the Fit Kids Club program was invented. By teaching kids cool, modern dance moves these workouts never feel like exercise.

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**Free Fitness Challenge group starting Monday- The Turkey Tacklers! It ends the week of Thanksgiving.** - Contact me or Join below.

What is Teacher's Fit Club?

  • Welcome to Teacher's Fit Club. I'm a teacher and a mom of three young kids. As a fellow teacher and an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, I'd love to help you reach your fitness goals. It's a work in progress for myself, and the more the merrier when it comes to motivation, albeit coming from someone who is terrified of the gym ;) Don't let those kids wear you down, get in shape so you can outlast them. I hope you'll join me on this adventure. What do you have to lose?
    We want every teacher to join us in support of fitness!

    Join our TeachersFitClub Team, its 100% Free! (Shannon Sauder - Independent Team Beachbody® Coach)
    • Your own personal Coach for guidance and support!
    • Access to the online SuperGym®, where you can schedule and log your workouts and easily track your progress!
    • Message boards and chatrooms to help you find new friends and workout partners, and get advice and support from the entire community!
    • If you have the P90X App for iPhone: Freedom to track and log your workouts in the SuperGym from your iPhone!

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What am I doing to get and stay fit?

  • To get and stay fit I am doing 3 simple things which combined take less than an hour of my day.

    1. I am making and drinking a Shakeology smoothie in the morning for breakfast.

    2. I am taking a half hour a day to complete a PiYo workout.

    3. I became a member of an online challenge group for support, and now have started my own to encourage others.


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Why an Independent Team BeachBody Coach?

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Attention Teachers!
Tell us what you are doing at your school for fitness! How big is your team, where are you from, what types of fitness activities do you do? We want to hear from you!
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